Thailand: Indiana Jones

4 February 2012

SONY DSCThe 10:50am train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya took 2 hours and after a short walk from the train station, we found ourselves in Ayutthaya Historical Park which covers the ruins of the ancient city of Ayutthaya. It used to be the capital of Thailand and was ruled by 35 kings until it was destroyed by the Burmese Army in 1767. 

There are heaps of Wats to see in the Park and we lingered far too long in the first Wat. The main Stupa stood in the centre, surrounded by many other smaller ones, courtyards and Buddhist statues.



To escape from the heat, Jim and I went inside the main Stupa. The main chamber gave us nice views of the surrounding environment and a flight of stairs immediately caught our attentions. The ropes and railings leads you into darkness. Surely there must be something down there.


Our adventurous side kicked in and we made the steep descent watching as darkness eventually overcame us. We felt a drop in temperature and the strong odour was later confirmed to be from the bats that were sleeping below.

360It was not a dead end. Jim reached into his pockets, got out his mobile and turned on the torchlight. 

“Ok now, watch your step…oh wow. Check this out!”

“What’s there? What can you see?”

“Paintings, murals, a beautiful roof, red, gold…wow”

SONY DSCSince the chamber is small and the entrance is narrow, we couldn’t see the room at the same time.  Jim shone the light from behind and I was amazed to see four walls completly painted with faint Buddha figures. The roof, although slightly dilapidated is still wonderfully majestic.

366We stayed there for a good 15 minutes, each taking turns to admire the hidden chamber. We wondered how many visitors get to see this.

SONY DSCTwo siblings on an adventure in Thailand who stumbled upon a room filled with great mural art in an ancient capital. What a great Indiana Jones moment!