North Korea- In the News

All foreigners will come in contact with North Korea’s leading state owned English newspaper- The Pyongyang Times. It’s also translated into French although copies are hard to find. Whether it is on the flight into Pyongyang or at the hotel foyer, you will find many copies of The Pyongyang Times. It runs weekly and like everything else in the hermit kingdom, it’s state-owned. It is the foreign language edition of Pyongyang Sinmun( found in 1957 by Kim Il-sung).

The articles are well-written in your typical North Korean style kind of language. The authentic english feel was made possible by their staff who, almost all, spent time abroad perfecting their level of English.

I always enjoy reading newspapers as it gives you an insight into how a country thinks and how they run things. When it comes to The Pyongyang Times, the front cover is always a full page dedicated to the dear Kims and their glittering leadership followed by many lengthy articles on efforts made by the nation with lots of Sogun and Juche philosophy seeping through. There are always sections that counter-attack and criticise America, Japan, South Korea etc for their aggressive responses. When the people follow a teaching and religion that features their dear political leader, the content of the newspaper is no doubt not very newsy….beg your pardon- I mean, the gospel truth if you are a North Korean with excellent command of English.

All eyes are now on Kim Jong Un so the special 2013 New Year edition features some wonderful photos of him with his people as well as a carefully written speech.


Great Leader and blessed children

A special edition on Kim Il-sung. Once again, wonderful leader surrounded by blessed children. 20160315_125202

The front page below features Kim Jong-Un attending a concert and competition. The last page warns of the self-destructive and reckless behaviour of North Korea’s opponents- there will be consequences.

20160315_124300 20160315_124422 20160315_124523

New propaganda poster about scientific advancements along with how busy the Premier is with all of his inspections. School children learning at a centre about the achievements made by their nation.


Kim Jong Un inspects outposts (boost the troop’s morale) and victory is always right by the side of the North Korean army and her people.

20160315_124600 20160315_125119 20160315_124930


Free medical care 60 years on- Supreme leader’s first speech – rosy future for the nation – face of with US and the South Korean puppet – what Human rights campaign?- another tool used by the West to viciously attack our great nation.

20160315_125039There is high infant mortality rate as well as declining birth rates  in the country. Women are encouraged to have more children and their status are often discussed in the media. 20160315_124742Since The Pyongyang Times follow the structure of the local newspaper, the front page features the leader followed by pages of visits, criticism of those who are hostile and the REAL life that people live in the country such as happy children with free education, smiling nurses offering free health check-ups etc

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 8.12.51 AM

The North Korean Embassy in Beijing sends out a weekly letter to every foreign media about how wrong they are when it comes to reporting and how every ridiculous attack will result in total failure. It’s always one to two page long, neatly folded and sent out in a brown envelope.  News is very much like the Chinese newspaper and evening edition which follows the “1) leaders are busy 2) people are happy and 3) the outside world is messy” structure.