North Korea: Souvenirs and propaganda images

Souvenir time!!!!

Stamps can be bought from the counter at Juche Tower. They are divided into  categories (Juche/ Sogun) and North Korea-China stamps. North Korea-China stamps are a lot more easier to find than North Korea- Russia friendship stamps. Of course, any North Korea- America/South Korea stamps are unheard of.

Stamps celebrating Macau’s handover to PRC China
Deng Xiaoping and Hong Kong’s handover to PRC China
To commemorate China’s involvement in the Korean War
Stamps remembering China’s former Premier- Zhou Enlai
Chairman Mao
20160314_142122 Kim Jong-Un’s father with Former Chinese President Hu Jintao plus stamp booklet covers

At the basement of the Yanggakdo International Hotel, you can buy newspapers and Kim-ism books.

Three great postcards with images from propaganda posters.

Top- Turning point: people’s lives and welfare

Bottom Left- Chomilla Higher and much faster

Bottom Right- Crushing the Americans

Postcards- Propaganda posters