Bangladesh: Cricket match

I love all kinds of sport since it’s a form of escape.  The national sport of a country and how popular a sport is reflects a lot about the culture and history of the place. In Bangladesh, Kabbadi is the national sport  (I didn’t see any during the trip) and cricket is arguably most popular amongst the locals. I played cricket during High School and very much enjoyed the satisfaction of hearing a successful whack of that charging ball, thrown at me by the group of boys who never liked my presence.

Due to my uncontrollable urge to join in the fun, I’ve disrupted two cricket matches during my week in Bangladesh. In a country filled with incredibly hospitable folks, they were more than happy to let me play.

11-Dec 2015 Locals playing an intense match in the Citadel

I was determined to cross “Play cricket with the locals” off my list.

I did just that and had a blast.

11-Dec 2015 My local team

The second and final match took place in Dhaka on the afternoon of the 13th December 2015. My host brother Jafar filmed the match and sadly, I suck at the game- it has been far too long. Nevertheless, it was fun! I might not be a cricket star but someone else will be. Such a honour to play cricket with some very skilled individuals.



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