Bangladesh: In the News

Nothing offers better insight into a country than reading the newspaper.

The daily sun published prayer times

The daily sun ” TRUE AND IMPARTIAL” like all newspapers and media outlets are something far from being TRUE- let’s just hope that it remains impartial. Journalism is not how I wanted it to be- you know, to stay objective where the journalist and reporter act as only the observer and not a loud-mouth commentator throwing in cheap tactics to flame things up just for the sake of high ratings.

The quote that I stick with is   “Tell the truth as best you can or at least the little lies that are true”. However, the world of journalism print or TV (especially TV) throws that right out the window. It’s all about ratings.

Anyways, back to the news in today’s newspaper 14 December 2015

During Bangladesh’s fight for Independence, many intellects were killed by the Pakistani Army in an attempt to “cripple the emerging nation.” Those who were killed were academics, journalists, physicians and the very group of people that a new young nation needs.  As today marks Martyr Intellectuals Day, the “Gratitude and Pride”  column went on further to denounce the barbaric acts committed by people during times of conflict and how sacrifices must be remembered. I have no comments about the relationship between Bangladesh and Pakistan except to say that distrust and hatred towards Pakistan exists till today since on the same page, one political secretary of Pakistan High Commission  is “allegedly engaged in deep-rooted conspiracy against Bangladesh.” Ok- I get it, Bangladesh is more friendly with India than with Pakistan.Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 4.42.37 PMBangladesh take their Victory Celebration extremely seriously. It does not last for only one day but eight. What caught my eyes was the article about Bangladesh as a new destination of foreign investments. “A fertile base for new investments…..large pool of low cost labour force…much needed infrastructure”. Many international bodies remain positive of Bangladesh’s potentials and future development. US certainly feels that “Bangladesh matters.” Unlike China with her increasing labour costs, Bangladesh is a possible manufacturing hub. Of course when it comes to strengthening investments and economic relations, India is the main partner for Bangladesh- not China, not Japan, not South Korea ( they are also important and are welcomed by Bangladesh however when it comes to the political and diplomatic tie, India stands out).  Forget about Pakistan.

  1. 20160203_155646My favourite section – Editorial- featured a piece on the intellectuals who were killed during Bangladesh’s Independence. The nation’s  happiest and saddest days are two days apart. The price that Bangladesh paid in 1971 (like all conflicts) is heavy and bloody with innocent people being the main victims.  The other column about “shabby hospital management” reflects the similar challenges faced by all developing nations. It’s one about the monitoring, standards and healthy functioning of a nation’s infrastructure, health-care and education. Important but often neglected since economic development is always seen as being more important.

Last but not least, skipping the arts and entertainment sections as well as the reminder that I’ve just escaped China’s red alert smoggy days to learn about “opportunities and challenges in banking outsourcing.”20160203_155741
The daily sun (10 taka) consists of the front page, two pages about metropolis, one page on metropolis/news, extra, editorial, scitech, asia, world, culturtainment (mostly about bollywood gossips), two pages on my district, miscellany and finishing off with news link.