Bangladesh: Old Dhaka

Dhaka is often dubbed as the “City of Mosques”. Since the 4th century, empires, colonisers and sultans made their mark then vanished into the past and became a part of the city’s unique history. We can see and feel their tangible presence.  Whether it is mosques, temples, palaces, forts, churches, gardens or bazaars, you know that the city is historical, ancient and ever- changing. Walking around New and Old Dhaka gave me an insight into the different historical periods that Dhaka/Bangladesh went through.  Alongside the bank of the Biriganga River,  the city is both traditional and modern.  The countless attractions are nothing without the people who, like cells, keep the city alive and make sure that Dhaka’s pulse is always beating. The Old Dhaka City is a maze filled with interesting people, those who make you fall in love with a most interesting yet little known and undiscovered country.


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In today’s well-connected modern world, travelling is losing its adventurous appeal. Some destinations and cities are completely overrated and not worth a second visit. Bangladesh is different and probably one of the least well-known and popular capital cities in the world. I am determined to visit her again…before the inevitable change.

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Dhaka – you are thriving, you are energetic and a colourful chaos.  Frenetic yet interesting and with some 18 million people and 400,000 rickshaws, I find the noise, narrow alleyways, shops, and people mesmerising.  It’s an overwhelming place at first but then, it sucks you right in with how real it is. Life happens here and every life is gentle, interesting and a story waiting for you to discover!