Australia: Beaches and more beaches

DSC02041The Great Southern Land- Australia is a bit far from the rest of the world and it’s such isolation that people from Australia fly out and travel whenever they have the chance to. When in Australia, one MUST visit Sydney. Canberra, the capital is a boring place so skip it. There are enough things to do in Sydney that will make you linger for a day or two. Divide your time wisely and check out the Sydney Opera House, Botanic Gardens, Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Rocks, Darling Harbour, CBD, Fish Market etc . My favourite spots in Sydney are the Gap ( yes, the place where people commit suicide), the chairs overlooking the Harbour Bridge, Darling Harbour, Split Bridge and Botanic Gardens since it has a stunning view of the Opera House. I used to cross the Harbour Bridge twice per day during High School and I quite miss pulling up into Wynyard then walking all the way down to Central or the other more scenic route: the train to Circular Quay, a ferry to Manly then a bus all the way to school. Time flies!

One of my favourite postcards of Australia

I find it most difficult to write a travel post about a country that I consider to be my hood. yep- I love this sunburnt country despite my occasional rants:P Well known for her beaches, apart from Bondi or Clovelly, there are two more places that make great weekend trips for those with extra time and the willingness to drive up North of NSW for a few hours.

Port Stephens-  Two and a half hours drive north of Sydney, there are many bays, beaches and nice views along the coastline in Port Stephens. Aborigines (Indigenous Australians) were the earliest inhabitants of the port. At the time of white settlement, there were about 400 Aborigines. It’s a good place to spot koalas and the port is home to around 165 bottlenose dolphins as well as whales. I didn’t see any since there is a season for that.

Stockton sand dune + camel rides
Stockton sand dunes
More beach
A ferry out from Port Stephen is Tea Gardens. This is the local police station.

Port Macquarie – Around 4-5 hours away from Sydney, Port Macquarie is located on the Mid North Coast of NSW. It is a retirement destination known for extensive beaches and its koala population.  I was bored since beaches after beaches and bushland is not enough to sustain my interest. Relaxing though but not interesting enough to make me go back the second time.        

I really should spend more time travelling around Australia but there’s that saying – “You hardly travel in your own country”. I know that one day, I will return…if I live that long (that is!).

Love you AUS- because it’s nice, it’s different, it’s unusual.