Dear friends,

Not bandits… rather, likeminded brethren with no apparent mission — just to travel, think, read, write and have a good time.

This is a site where experiences are shared and rants fly free.

The photos, recordings, video clips and views expressed here are personal (unless otherwise stated). If you wish to use any of the content, feel free (not for profit 此博客堅決抵制不勞而獲的行為), but please do cite it:)


PS: Why bandits? Bandits are crazy and rebels with an adventurous spirirt and this somewhat weird passion to venture into the unknown. Bandits also steals and I’m an expert at that…I have no idea how many times I’ve stolen the beautiful sunsets and sights of all the archaeological wonders that exist in this world. I feel sorry for many countries and cities since they lost their privacy while I enjoyed myself…but no apologises because I’m a bandit!

By the way, if you ever come across a Milou, that is the name of my camera + tripod and where did Milou come from? It’s the French name for Tin Tin’s sidekick Foxer Terrier. Who is Tin Tin? The main character of the famous Belgian comic -The Adventures of Tin Tin.

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