USA: In the News

August 2016

I had to kill time on my boring and uncomfortable flight so what better way to do that than to read the local newspaper to understand the US media climate and angle of reporting? Basically, like other newspapers around the world, the weekdays newspaper differs from the weekend edition and reports are divided into sections by topic and by region: national and international news. The cutest would have to be the “OFF DUTY’ section which features easier more lifestyle oriented reads. Whoever came up with that title is adorable!屏幕快照 2016-08-14 下午8.54.20

Nothing is as important as presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton aka the two most face palm politicians ever! I cannot believe that someone as foolish and thick-skinned as Trump can be nominated. Nor can I believe that Clinton, after her email scandal, is clearly above the law. How in the world is this fair though? Different newspapers will show their own angle so I was not surprised that Clinton is painted as this strong independent female candidate breaking down barriers.  I’m sorry International NY Times but Clinton lacks integrity. I would have more respect for her if she is less hypocritical and doesn’t change her views just to get votes. Unlike Bernie Sanders who remains steadfast in his opinions, Clinton sways from side to side. She campaign about “income equality and rich/poor gap” when she is being paid loads by organizations and is swimming  in money. Sigh……!

Donald Trump

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In the Worlds News section, the word “China” makes me smile since during my time at an American media outlet, China makes a common almost daily appearance in the international news section (majority is the usual China-bashing with a few that is neutral).  So apart from the rising tension in Germany with the migrants after Merkel’s open-door policy and that sudden failed coup in Turkey, Afghanistan’s security issue as well as getting a car license in Beijing takes up the majority of the section. (Onto the subject of car license, it is true that people have to wait to get their license. It is like a lottery system where a certain amount of license are made available every month.  So the weird phenomenal in China is, newly bought cars sits quietly while they all wait for a license.  China limits car ownership and usage ( even numbers and odd number car plate numbers can be driven only on certain days). They want to reduce environmental degradation and heavy congestion however many families purchase two cars so in the end, traffic is still bad. But why? car = status. IMG_1820

Since I’m in America, the question now is: Who loves America?  Paul Krugman wrote a great line: What does it mean to love America? In fact, if you replace America with any country in the world- then, the answer is: you love the country you actually have. Above all, that love doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be uncritical. Yes, when things don’t live up to our ideals, no doubt we become disappointed and thus we would show our discontentment. In the end, those who criticize their country should not be given the tag of being a traitor since those who love their country are not all exactly real patriots.

544815524 And finally, housing prices are ridiculous in SF. It seems that houses are becoming more and more expensive. It was great to read this brief summary about housing  ownership and renting from Seattle Times. It was great to learn that more than half of Seattle’s housing units are rentals and many own homes. I didn’t know that Seattle is one of the four cities in America to have such a nice balance. This is why I love reading newspapers!屏幕快照 2016-08-14 下午12.56.22