Pakistan: In the News

Pakistan: 1 – 9 October 2016

Fighting in Kashmir threw the already fragile Pakistan-India relationship under the spotlight. When conflict arise, what suffers the most is much needed dialogue and exchange. Peace is reduced to pieces and such unrest means bad news for travellers who overlook politics and are more concentrated on the beauty that every country offers.

Dawn, Pakistan’s oldest and most widely read English-language newspaper was founded  in 1941by the Father of Pakistan-  Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Delhi, India.  And surprise…surprise,  relations with India and of course an article about Xi’an, China.107268406

A political cartoon in the 2-Oct-2016 Dawn newspaper reflected the beauty and power of images. Political cartoons have always been a great thought-provoking visual supplement to the news around us.  It takes one drawing and one word to sum up how the cartoonist and certainly many people felt towards the ongoing India-Pakistan dispute. Yes- ongoing and stuck in a cycle when any chances to talk, regardless how slim it may be, are ignored by policymakers. 1641432478

India-Pakistan like China-Japan have always been an ongoing feud where innocent people and travellers suffer the most. So, it was and still is heartwarming to re-watch that great tear-jerking google advertisement which hit the nail on the head with regards to this India-Pakistan feud. Politics destroys peace- humanity holds everything together.

and do not get me started on Veer Zaara! Bajrangi Bhaijaan! Total Siyapaa and Earth!

One group of people who suffer at the hands of this feud are entertainers, actors, producers, directors and writers. It is sad that tension spills over to the film world. As a great form of art, surely films can transcend borders and nationalities. 1896825503

Most of the reports  focused on the deteriorating relationship with India- Sealing border,  escalation of tension along LOC, who is right..who is wrong….



It was good to read a few articles that focused more on the economy, exchanges and passage of bills against honour killings..IMG_3443

Karachi paper


The papers here are not shy about blasts and killings.    

 Last but not least, Pakistan really loves China.                                                                                                 964651850 202721890