Jordan: Walking on Mars

5 May 2017

We walked on Mars. We did because after this, Jordan will become a memory of the past. Wadi Rum or the Valley of the Moon, which is right South of the country is a huge valley filled with sandstone, rocks and other geological formations.  We started a jeep tour around the Wadi in the afternoon and ended up having dinner there- right under the stars.


Known by people and inhabitated since prehistoric times, many cultures, especially the Nabateans ( the ones who built Petra) left behind their presence in the form of paintings, writings and temples. Famed for being the place that witnessed T.E.Lawrence’s adventures in the country during the Arab Revolt of 1917-1918, Li Chin and I went around the valley and chilled at every couple of stops- empty, limitless deserts, just us two and our jeep in the distance….watching on quietly at Jordan’s landscape. This felt like the time in Mongolia.

In Mongolia – there was nothing but deserts and the songs from the incoming winds. It was the quietest 20 minutes of my life. Now, we sat close to each other- chatting and watching the Wadi. Before watching the sunset, our driver decided to take us to a sand hill. He said ” Hold on girls” then he took us all the way down the sand dune- it was a 60 degree drop.

IMG_9282 IMG_9236

Along with other tourists, we sat on the rock and watched the sunset. Wadi Rum looks like Mars because of the colour and the rugged landscape. After all the jeep tour breaks around the desert, we had dinner under the stars. The meal was prepared by the camp staff and placed underground. Last night in Jordan.


People nowadays have little time to have a proper conversation or indulge in simple pleasures in life such as listening to the wind, watching the sunset and staring into blank space. Are we afraid of silence? Do we not have time? We all need to go on a search for nothingness every now and then. I remember those brief seconds of chatting to Li Chin who sat to the right of me….we watched the sun set. For someone who has always been going solo, it is never easy to find someone to sit in silence with you.  Everything is so transient in life and nothing lasts forever.

Who knows? I might not have the time to travel as much as I want to in the future?